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Serge Lapointe - Service Department
Serge Lapointe - Service Department
Yves Boulanger - President of Réfrigération Frigo-Pro
Mario Allaire - Partner- Réfrigération Frigo-Pro
Yves Boulanger - President of Réfrigération Frigo-Pro
Kimberley MacLean - Accountant at Réfrigération Frigo-Pro

A   dynamic  team 

Our team is firmly linked by years of complicity and effort and the sharing of the same vision.

One of becoming the reference in commercial and industrial refrigeration on the North Shore both for our partners and our customers and as well for the competition.

To always accompany our customers in their growth by communicating to them new technological advances.

To simplify the life of our customers thanks to the savings that we allow them.

Does our way of seeing things speak to you?            

Join us...

We relax in the warehouse between two jobs
We celebrate the end of the summer season
Food truck!!!
Team building ;)
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